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January General meeting and tea social

Come and Have Tea with AICS on January 16

The popular Irish tea party will return at the January 16 general meeting.  The time and order of the meeting are different from other months.  The tea will start at 6:00PM.  The Genealogy Committee will meet at 5:00PM, an hour before the tea.  After the tea there will be a short business meeting and a program.

The Program Committee encourages members to bring typical Irish goodies such as scones, soda bread, and dainty sandwiches to add to the selection.  To make the tea more authentic, all tea served will be popular Irish selections.

Please bring your own cup and saucer or mug.  There may be a contest for the prettiest, most Irish, funniest, most unusual mug or cup.

The program after the business meeting will begin with Bruce Kenny resuming Irish language lessons.  Lauren Devenport will give a presentation on her ancestry, and Nora Fogarty will discuss the system of higher education in Ireland.  (Please note that our presenters have the same surnames as two of the AICS officers.)

The meeting will end with the singing of the “Soldiers’ Song.”  We have a few copies of the lyrics.  Bruce included the lyrics in his handout from his Irish lesson in September.  Please bring these to the meeting.

We will see you at 6:00PM on January 16.  Don’t forget to bring cup and saucer or mug, the song sheet for the “Soldiers’ Song,” and Irish goodies!