Emmet Cahill in Concert at the Old Church

On Wednsday, August 5, Emmet Cahill will be in concert at the Old Church, 1422 SW 11th, Portland

Emmet Cahill, an Irish tenor, was formerly a member of Celtic Thunder, a staple of pledge weeks on OPB.  This will be Emmet’s first concert tour as a solo performer.  Information and tickets

Over the past four years, Emmet’s life has been transformed from a young man pursuing a career in classical music to being plunged into the world of touring across cities and performing to thousands of fans with world renowned Irish music show Celtic Thunder. After three years of phenomenal success, including three albums shooting to number 1 on the world billboard charts, Emmet is now preparing to carve out his own unique identity as a solo artist, with an eagerly anticipated debut solo album due to be released in 2015.

Growing up in a musical household, pursuing a career in music was always a natural path for Emmet to take. From the tender age of four, his father began to provide music lessons, leading to a 5 year ‘Schola Cantorum’ music scholarship at his local secondary school. After attending formal classical training at the prestigious Royal Irish Academy of Music, Emmet soon found himself touring the world, from the United States, to Canada, to Australia as a lead singer with with the Irish music group, and relishing every moment of it.

”It’s quite a surreal feeling waiting backstage in such famous venues like ‘The Fox Theatre’s’ in America. You see the signatures on the walls of some of the most famous artists of all time. Your thinking, I’m about to go on and perform on the same stage as those musical icons…They are the moments you really cherish”

Emmet’s talents have been recognized both home and abroad. He has enjoyed success as a multiple prize winner in various competitions across Ireland, the RIAM ‘Promising young singer of 2010′, the ‘John McCormack Young Tenor Award’, as well as being voted ‘Tenor of the year’ in 2013 by The Irish Music Association in the United States in recognition of his performances on stage. He also performed in stage productions at The National Concert Hall as well as The Gaeity Theatre, Dublin.

With the recording of his debut album next year, the next few months will be an exciting creative process for Emmet. During his time with Celtic Thunder, he has been immersed in a variety of distinct musical genres, awakening his passion for Irish music as well as other styles.

”This year I really had the opportunity to take some time and think about where I wanted to go in the next stage of my career. Now I’m just really looking forward to working with the guys in the studio, dipping into different styles and to see what works for me musically”

As he continues to challenge himself and test the boundaries of his musical character, many wait in eager anticipation of what 2015 will bring for this young solo artist.

“Emmet Cahill has been gifted with a voice that portrays true emotion and touches peoples hearts”