Ireland leads in value of imports to Oregon

This appeared in the most recent edition of the Portland Business Journal:

While international exports are a well-known economic driver and matter of pride for Oregon, Oregon also imports from abroad a substantial volume of goods, largely to supply the same manufacturers and growers producing the cherished exports.

In a surprise move, the tiny Republic of Ireland has climbed from No. 8 last year to No. 1 this year with imports to the state valued at $3 billion, a 425 percent increase. Now that’s a lot of Guinness —or more likely, a lot of processors and controllers for electronic integrated circuits, the state’s No. 1 product, representing 19 percent of import value and 30 percent of export value last year.

All-Ireland Cultural Society Board of Directors

Board of Directors elected at the Annual Meeting on April 22, 2017

President – Mary Rose Kerg

Vice-President – Brendan Kerg

Recording Secretary – Julie O’Connell

Corresponding Secretary – Helen Grealish

Treasurer – Christine Seed

Colleen Spiering (3 years) – Trustee

Shirley Hahn (2 years) – Trustee

Tom Crowley (1 year) – Trustee

Caroline Fogarty (3 years) – Director

Patrick Seed (2 years) – Director

Louise Martell (1 year) – Director